UGI Save Smart Commercial Custom Rebate Program

Receive up to $100,000 on Energy Efficiency Improvements

Shorten paybacks on building improvements & gas-powered equipment upgrades.

UGI provides incentives for cost-effective natural gas energy efficiency projects:

Who is this program for?

This program is currently available to existing and new construction UGI Gas commercial customers in Pennsylvania with a rate class of N, NT, DS, or LFD that complete a project that uses natural gas more efficiently. Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, and Multifamily projects may submit projects for review*. UGI Gas customers in Maryland are not currently eligible to participate.

*All project measures must be installed within the past 180 days to be eligible.

Business types may include: Breweries, Restaurants, Car Washes, Laundry Facilities, Dry Cleaners, Manufactures, Greenhouses, and Industrial Processors.

What Makes a Project Cost-Effective?

A project is cost-effective when every dollar spent on energy efficiency upgrades, returns more than one dollar, over the lifetime of the upgrade.

If an insulation project costs $17,000 and saves $21,000 over the 40-year lifetime of the insulation, the project would be cost-effective. If this same project cost $24,000, it would not be considered cost-effective.

What is required to Participate?

Existing Buildings

  • Equipment Specifications & Costs
  • Building Shell Improvements & Costs

A pre-construction site visit for existing building upgrades may be required.

New Construction 

  • Building Plans
  • Energy Model

Please contact UGI as early in the planning process as possible for guidance.

Project Spotlights



Significantly reduce utility bills

Energy efficiency upgrades can lower building operating costs by 20-30%.

Lower maintenance costs

New, high-efficiency equipment requires less maintenance and remains operational for longer.

Gain greater control over building comfort and costs

Automated controls allow facility managers to customize settings by season or time of day, room by room.

Improve your bottom line

Shorter payback periods can extend budgets and improve profitability.

Demonstrate your environmental commitment

Corporate social responsibility through reducing energy usage fosters improved customer relations.