UGI Save Smart Home Energy Upgrades

Looking to save your customers money and help drive your business forward? Look no further than the UGI Save Smart Home Energy Upgrades Program!

Join the UGI Save Smart Home Energy Upgrades Program

As a participating contractor in the UGI Save Smart Home Energy Upgrades Program, you receive financial incentives for completing home energy evaluations and energy efficiency upgrades for your customers. Join the program now to help your customers improve the overall value of their home with energy efficiency improvements while boosting your project pipeline.

Approved home energy contractors deliver comprehensive, whole-home assessments to best identify opportunities for significant gas savings and comfort improvements.

Join a network of certified home energy contractors helping homeowners:

  • Obtain a comprehensive home energy evaluation
  • Identify energy savings opportunities
  • Improve their home comfort
  • Increase the value of their home through energy-saving upgrades

Why Should You Participate?

You can leverage program offerings and resources to increase your leads and get paid for providing home energy evaluations – by your customers and from the Programs.

Participating contractors receive program support and marketing resources. As a certified home energy contractor, you’ll have the added expertise and reputation to promote a whole-home approach to energy efficiency upgrades.

Discover new opportunities to grow your business with UGI gas customers.

Ready to enhance your home energy offerings and services by becoming an approved contractor? Don’t miss out on the financial incentives, training, support, and marketing resources to grow your business, Join Now!

Have questions or want to learn more about the program? Contact our team or call (844) 634-7536 to schedule a meeting with a Program representative.

Download the Contractor Fact Sheet to learn more about the Program, enrollment, and participation.

Participating contractors can earn up to $200 per home energy evaluation – $50 paid to you directly from the customer and a $150 program incentive.

UGI Save Smart Home Energy Upgrades participating contractors must complete and obtain the BPI Building Analyst Professional certificate (BA-P), have a PAHIC license number and work within the UGI Gas service territory in Pennsylvania. Learn more about how to become a BPI-Certified contractor.